Dtime Baking Mix

Low-carb Low-carbon Low glycemic

We created Dtime, a specially designed mix for people with diabetes who want to enjoy baked goods without the high-carbohydrate content that can affect blood sugar levels.

Classsic Cheese

Pancake & Waffle

Choco Brownie

Nutty Muffin

Satisfy your sweet tooth, without the sugar overload!

Having diabetes doesn’t mean you can never have dessert again. “Dtime” Classic Cheese Low Carb baking mix has a net carbohydrate content of only 30% of other cakes, you can satisfy your sweet tooth without sending your blood sugar soaring. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these amazing low carb desserts and indulge in your cravings.


Throughout Winefont Company’s more than 40-year medical journey, we have led numerous disease prevention programs. However, when we discovered that blood sugar issues prevented older adults and children from fully enjoying cakes and bread, we made a determined decision to reclaim their sweet moments…


To eliminate blood sugar or weight issues as obstacles to enjoying cakes and bread, we spent over a year in research and development to create “DTime.” With this innovation, we have reduced the carbohydrate content to just 40% of the regular amount, and now you can easily DIY at home!

Low Carb Classic Cheese

Offers a delightful taste that combines the rich and creamy texture of classic cheesecake with a low-carb twist. Despite its reduced carbohydrate content, this cheesecake maintains the decadent and indulgent flavors that make it a beloved dessert. Whether you’re watching your carb intake or simply seeking a guilt-free treat, Dtime Low Carb Classic Cheese Cake provides a satisfying and delicious experience.

Low Carb Pancake & Waffle

Offers a delightful taste that brings together the beloved flavors of pancakes and waffles with a low-carb twist. Whether you prefer topping them with maple syrup, fresh fruits, Dtime Low Carb Pancake & Waffle is a fantastic choice for those who want to indulge in a classic breakfast treat while keeping their carbohydrate intake in check. It’s a guilt-free option that allows you to enjoy the delicious taste of pancakes and waffles without compromising your dietary goals.

Low Carb Choco Brownie

Offers a delectable taste that combines the rich and indulgent flavors of chocolate brownies with a low-carb twist. With each bite, you’ll encounter a moist and fudgy texture that melts in your mouth. The brownie is infused with rich cocoa flavor, complemented by notes of deep, dark chocolate. It allows you to indulge in the irresistible taste of brownies while keeping your carbohydrate intake in check.

Low Carb Nutty Muffin

Offers a delicious taste that combines the delightful flavors of muffins with a nutty twist, all while keeping the carbohydrate content low. The nuttiness offers a pleasant contrast to the softness of the muffin, creating a harmonious balance. Indulge in the nutty goodness of these muffins while keeping your carbohydrate intake in check. Dtime Low Carb Nutty Muffin allows you to enjoy the taste and satisfaction of muffins without compromising on your dietary goals.

Dtime is a brand that aims to provide delicious and guilt-free dessert options for individuals with diabetes or those following a low-carb diet. The name “dtime” is pronounced similarly to “low carb” in Chinese and reflects the brand’s commitment to helping people enjoy sweet treats without compromising their health goals. With a focus on quality ingredients and innovative recipes, Dtime seeks to create desserts that are both satisfying and diabetes-friendly.

high-quality ingredients

low carbohydrate ratio

easy ingredient preparation

baking beginner-friendly

without any burden

quality recognized

0g Sugar
No cane sugar, corn syrup, or sugar alcohols.

Low Carb
80% less carb contain than general desserts

Low GI
Help regulate blood sugar levels.

Natural Ingredients
Macadamia powder, coconut powder and erythritol

Only eggs, oil and water are needed.

Time Saving
Ready to serve in 30 minutes

Living a Low Carb Lifestyle Means Giving Up the Foods You Love – Until Now.

We’ve solved the #1 challenge of the low carb diet – cravings – by removing the carbs (and the guilt) from the desserts you love most.

Achieving amazing results on low carb has never been so fun, so easy, and so delicious.

And we can’t wait for you to see it for yourself with our delicious desserts!
So if you’re ready to make low carb easier than ever before with quality products your body will thank you for…
Then on behalf of everyone at Dtime, we promise not to disappoint you.

Stay Low Carb,