Loyalty and Sweethearts Club Diabetes Support Group

“DTIME” is delighted to participate in the “Careful ‘Renal’ Sugar Control ~ Continuous Health and ‘Loyalty and Sweethearts Club’ Patient Association Establishment Meeting” organized by Dr. Chen’s Clinic’s Loyalty and Sweethearts Club Diabetes Support Group. During this event, we have the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences about low-carb cake and bread flour.

This event is specifically designed for diabetes patients, and participation is completely free. It’s a great opportunity for us to connect with other diabetes patients, share our experiences, and learn more about how to better manage diabetes.

The event schedule is as follows: first, there will be a registration for speakers and free pre-tests, including measurements of height, weight, waist circumference, blood pressure, and more. We will then conduct pre-meal blood sugar tests, and all participants in the pre-tests will receive a delicious lunch box. Let’s learn together how to better take care of our health and establish beneficial connections with other diabetes patients. This will help us collectively pursue a healthier future.

Yunlin Family Assistance Parent-Child Fair: Year-End Family FUN FAIR

Winefont Company participated in the year-end fair organized by Yunlin Family Assistance at the Agricultural Expo Ecological Park. The event honored self-reliant families and featured charity booths, treating nearly a thousand families, with over 4,000 parents and children. Each family received a 1,000 TWD shopping voucher.

The event included a “Road Dragon Boat” fun race and received support from several foundations and companies. The Family Assistance parent-child event featured singing, dancing, and dragon dance performances, bringing joy to the families served by the organization. The event provided abundant necessities and shopping vouchers, bringing support and happiness to the families. The event featured singing, dancing, dragon dance performances, and received donations from various charitable groups, offering joy and support to the families of patients.

MacKay Memorial Hospital Diabetic Patients Association

“DTIME” actively participated in the Mackay Memorial Hospital Diabetes Patients Sweet Fellowship, with contributions including recommending low-carb foods: “DTIME” recommended low-carb cake mix and low-carb bread mix to diabetic patients. These products are designed to help diabetics enjoy delicious food while effectively controlling their blood sugar levels.

The Mackay Memorial Hospital Diabetes Patients Sweet Fellowship regularly holds medical and health education lectures to enhance patients’ understanding of health and diabetes management. They also conduct outdoor fellowship activities beneficial to the patients’ physical and mental health, aimed at enhancing interaction and mutual support among patients through fun and educational activities.

Taoyuan Hospital's Diabetic Patients Homecoming Event

“DTIME” was honored to participate in the “Diabetic Patients Homecoming Event” organized by the Diabetes Center of the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Taoyuan Hospital. In this event, ” DTime” recommended its low-carb cake mix to diabetic patients, aiming to help them better manage their blood sugar levels.

The event was rich in content and exciting, focusing on weight loss. It taught diabetic patients how to achieve weight loss goals through dietary control and combined exercise to improve health. The event not only provided practical health information but also created a cohesive environment for diabetic patients. 

The event also included a fair, adding a joyful and lively atmosphere to the venue. Such activities are beneficial not only for the participants but also play an important role in raising public awareness of the importance of diabetes management.

Easily Control Sugar Without Panicking

The Daqian Metabolic Science Team has joined hands to establish a warm and health-focused support group for patients — “Easily Control Sugar Without Panicking,” aimed at providing a platform for our beloved diabetic friends to exchange and learn.

This event features numerous medical experts, including doctors and dietitians, who will share a wealth of knowledge about healthy diets and lifestyles. These tips will not only help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar better but also enhance their overall quality of life.

In the interactive session, we have arranged a special hands-on activity — making “DIY low-sugar cakes.” During this process, participants will not only learn how to make delicious and healthy desserts but also enjoy the fun of hands-on experience, creating an activity that satisfies both the taste buds and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Visiting the Xiamen Angel Wings Charitable Foundation.

The Xiamen Angel Wings Charitable Foundation is an organization dedicated to social philanthropy. The foundation’s mission is to assist those in need, promote social welfare, and foster community harmony. Over the years, through various charitable activities and projects, the foundation has helped a large number of vulnerable groups and has received widespread recognition from society.

With the motto “Spreading Love, Delighting in Helping Others,” the foundation actively organizes and participates in various philanthropic activities. It collaborates closely with other charitable organizations, enterprises, and volunteers, striving together to build a more harmonious society.

Visiting the Sanuo Diabetes Charitable Foundation in Hunan Province

The Sanuo Foundation is a charity focused on modern philanthropy and provides support to society, especially the Type 1 diabetes community and vulnerable groups.

Embracing “openness, connectivity, and sharing,” the foundation collaborates with professionals across sectors, enhancing its charitable reach and encouraging broader community involvement. With the belief in collective strength, the Sanuo Foundation continuously seeks partners to deepen its philanthropic impact.

Kangtai T1DM Health Education Seminar - Low-carb baking Mix DIY

In dietary management for diabetes patients, a low-carb diet has become the choice for many. Through appropriate carbohydrate control, not only can blood sugar levels be stabilized, but it also promotes better overall health. In this summer camp activity, we’ve specially invited nutrition experts. They will personally teach attendees the “excellent techniques for portion calculation”, allowing each participant to easily understand how to accurately calculate the required carbohydrate content, ensuring they eat healthily and joyfully.

We know that for friends with T1DM, choosing the right food and mastering the appropriate portion size are crucial aspects of daily life. This time, the nutrition experts will teach everyone these “excellent techniques for portion calculation”, ensuring not only a balanced diet but also controlled sugar intake, maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A particularly popular segment in the summer camp is DIY snacks! This is not only a learning opportunity but also a moment for the children to showcase their creativity and enjoy the pleasure of crafting by hand.

DTIME Cake DIY Workshop (Dm Family Clinic)

Dtime organized a fantastic tasting event, and we were delighted to share our low-carb products with everyone and hear your valuable feedback. During the tasting event, we offered a variety of delicious low-carb desserts and other delectable low-carb options for everyone to enjoy. Our goal was to provide tasty choices that align with your health needs, allowing you to experience their flavors and unique tastes.

Throughout the event, we also shared the benefits and practical aspects of a low-carb diet. Our team provided information and advice on low-carb eating, enabling everyone to better understand how to incorporate a low-carb diet into their daily lives.

CAKE DIY EVENT WITH THE Diabetes Association.

We were honored to have the opportunity to try and taste our Dtime Low-Carb Cake Mix with the members of the Diabetes Love Association during the previous event. During the activity, we introduced the features and advantages of the Dtime Low-Carb Cake Mix and provided the necessary ingredients and equipment for everyone to participate in the baking process. The participants enthusiastically engaged in making delicious low-carb cakes together.

After the baking session, we invited everyone to taste our Dtime Low-Carb cakes. Not only were these cakes delicious, but they also met the needs of diabetes management, providing a healthy and tasty choice. Everyone savored the unique flavors and rich textures of the low-carb cakes, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. This event not only allowed us to interact and connect with the members of the Diabetes Love Association but also deepened our understanding of the importance of a healthy diet for diabetes management.

Kang Tai's 29th Annual Type 1 Diabetes Children's Joy Camp & Youth Vitality Camp

When we mention Type 1 Diabetes, many people’s initial reactions are confusion, misunderstanding, or even fear. However, at Kang Tai’s 29th Annual Type 1 Diabetes Children’s Joy Camp & Youth Vitality Camp, these emotions have been replaced with laughter, support, and love. Dtime Sugar-Time is incredibly honored to participate in such a meaningful event, spending precious moments with these exceptional children and teenagers.

Xinguang Hospital Diabetes Health Education Event

“DTime” is honored to participate in the Xinguang Hospital’s Diabetes Health Education Event. To encourage everyone to gain a deeper understanding of diabetes and blood sugar management, we are offering a prize quiz, where participants have the chance to win exquisite prizes.

More importantly, we want to take this opportunity to promote the significance of a low-carb diet. A low-carb diet can not only help diabetes patients better control their blood sugar but also reduce the risk of developing diabetes. We will share various low-carb recipes, cooking techniques, and how to implement a low-carb diet in daily life. Let’s learn together how, through the right dietary habits, we can achieve a healthier quality of life!

Type 1 Diabetes Event

Vendor Booth Carnival

This is an event designed specifically for children with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). T1D is a chronic disease that requires long-term monitoring and management. This event aims to provide a friendly and supportive environment where children with Type 1 Diabetes can get to know each other, share experiences, and learn how to better manage their condition through games and activities.

At this event, Dtime low-carb cake mix has set up a dedicated exhibition booth. Dtime’s product, specially developed for diabetes patients, is not only low-carb and sugar-free but also rich in fiber, which helps in blood sugar control. We sincerely invite all the children to come to our booth to taste this specially designed low-carb cake mix and learn about the optimal times to manage diabetes through diet.

We also want everyone to know that there are foods specially designed for diabetes patients that can help them control their condition better.

Recipient of the 2023 Annual New Product Award in the Baking Industry.

This award is a testament to Dtime’s outstanding performance and innovative capabilities in the baking industry. Our low-carb diabetic desserts offer a delicious and healthy choice for those with restricted carbohydrate intake. We are committed to using high-quality ingredients and innovative recipes to ensure that our products meet both taste and nutritional needs.

We extend our gratitude to all the customers and partners who have supported and encouraged us, and we appreciate their recognition and trust in Dtime. This award serves as a driving force to propel us forward, inspiring continuous improvement and innovation. We are dedicated to providing more high-quality low-carb diabetic dessert options as we move ahead.

2023 DTIME Baking Exhibition

Dtime is honored to participate in the 2023 Baking Industry Exhibition, a significant platform that allows us to showcase our low-carb product line and engage with the industry. During the exhibition, we are presenting our “Dtime Low-Carb Desserts,” baking mixes, and other innovative low-carb products. We highlight the unique features, ingredients, and preparation methods of our offerings, providing visitors with the opportunity to taste our delicious low-carb foods.

Additionally, we are sharing our experiences and knowledge, introducing our low-carb products to attendees, and listening to their feedback and opinions. The exhibition serves as a valuable opportunity for us to connect with enthusiasts and professionals alike, as we look forward to sharing the benefits and delectable aspects of a low-carb diet with everyone.

Luodong Bo'ai Hospital Health Education Center's

Dtime hosted an event at The Luodong Bo’ai Hospital Health Education Center on the topic of “How to Make Low-Carb Bread’.” This specially formulated bread flour is characterized by its high carbohydrate and low protein content, making it especially suitable for those on weight loss diets and individuals with diabetes.

Participants can gain an in-depth understanding of each step, from selecting ingredients and mixing to baking, ensuring that the resulting bread is both delicious and healthy. This low-carb bread not only helps control blood sugar levels but also assists in weight management, making it an optimal choice for diabetics and those aiming to lose weight. Through this workshop, many more individuals became aware of the importance of a healthy diet and learned how to prepare beneficial foods for their bodies.

DTIME Shopee live broadcast

During this live broadcast, we introduced our Dtime Low-Carb product line to the audience, including low-carb desserts, baking mixes, and other delicious low-carb options. We shared cooking tips, recipes, and insights into healthy eating, helping everyone gain a better understanding of the benefits and practical aspects of a low-carb diet.

We are immensely grateful for the enthusiastic participation and interaction from the audience during the live session. Your questions and feedback allowed us to delve deeper into various aspects of low-carb eating and offer more practical advice. We hope that this live broadcast provided valuable information and inspired you with new ideas to incorporate a low-carb diet into your daily life.

DIABETES Association's Low-Carb Bread Making Workshop

Dtime Sugar-Time was honored to participate in this low-carb bread workshop. Our specially formulated bread mix, characterized by its high carbohydrate and low protein content, is particularly suitable for those on weight loss regimes and individuals with diabetes. The workshop provided an in-depth understanding of each step, from selecting ingredients, mixing, to baking, ensuring that the bread produced is both delicious and healthy. This type of low-carb bread not only helps control blood sugar levels but also aids in weight management, making it the optimal choice for diabetics and those aiming to lose weight. Through this workshop, many were enlightened about the importance of a healthy diet and also learned hands-on techniques to create nutritious foods beneficial for their well-being.