Our Story

We are dedicated to bringing you a healthy and delicious low-carb dessert experience.


Throughout Winefont Company’s more than 40-year medical journey, we have led numerous disease prevention programs. However, when we discovered that blood sugar issues prevented older adults and children from fully enjoying cakes and bread, we made a determined decision to reclaim their sweet moments…


To eliminate blood sugar or weight issues as obstacles to enjoying cakes and bread, we spent over a year in research and development to create “DTime.” With this innovation, we have reduced the carbohydrate content to just 40% of the regular amount, and now you can easily DIY at home!

high-quality ingredients

low carbohydrate ratio

easy ingredient preparation

baking beginner-friendly

without any burden

quality recognized

Brand Origin

For over 40 years, Winefont has been deeply involved in the fields of preventive medicine and diabetes care. We have worked in collaboration with various medical institutions to implement screening programs for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia, as well as HIV/AIDS harm reduction projects. Our cooperative partners include central and local governments, medical institutions, community healthcare centers, and diabetes support groups, among others.

Research and Development

Due to our concern for those troubled with blood sugar issues or dietary restrictions, we have revolutionized traditional baking materials and concepts. After more than a year of research, development, and refinement, we have introduced “dtime Low Carb Cake Mix,” suitable for individuals managing diabetes or those seeking to reduce their carbohydrate intake. In the future, we plan to launch more products in the low-carb series as we continue our efforts to improve and innovate.