Black Diamond Fermented Garlic

。No side effects
。No chemical additives
。Natural Fermentation
。Large lobe black garlic species specified by the Japanese, with the strongest activity after fermented
。No spicy flavor, tasted sweet and sour.
。Technical cooperation with the National Chung-Hsing University.


What is “Fermented Black Garlic”?

5000 years ago, there is a popular saying in the India medicine: “If garlic is not so smelly, it would be as precious as gold.” The Japanese have known the health benefits of garlic for long, but they do not like the smell of garlic. In order to keep the activity of “allicin” in garlic, the Japanese biotechnology industry first developed the fermentation of garlic by appling proper culture induce the natural maturation of garlic and preserve the activity of “allicin,”. Surprisingly, analysis of the Japanese Government Food Development Centre in 2005 found that the fermented black garlic contains 18 kinds of amino acids needed by the human body, and the antioxidants contained are 17 times than the white garlic, the free amino acid is also 1.5 times than the raw garlic.

“After 30 days of natural fermentation, a whole garlic bulb undergoes changes. From fresh garlic to the finished product, the entire process is natural and additive-free.”

Using garlic seeds from Yunlin, Taiwan.

Natural. Flavorful. Healthy

When this information was revealed, it become the top topic of the Japanese health food industry. The fermented garlic technology of Taiwan is derived from Japan mostly, but the reason that Taiwan black fermented garlic are finally accepted by Japanese and exported to Japan is the raw material Taiwan applied. The garlic is the large lobes black specie which grown in Tainan, Yunlin , Changhua. It belong to the excellent hard bone and big leaves species, the garlic bulb is big, and the number of lobes arrayed properly and closely. Affected by the climate and environment, the nutritive value is higher than Japanese and Chinese garlic, which made the Taiwan fermented black garlic the first choice of Japanese customers.


Garlic made by farmers who have been producinggarlic for more than 30 yearsin Yunlin area

No pesticides are applied in the production process
Strictly monitor growth
Better quality than garlic on the market

Passed the SGS multiple test.

Amino acidcontent

Mineral content