HT-100 Blood Glucose Monitoring System
HT-100 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

HT-100 Blood Glucose Monitoring System

License number: Ministry of Health Medical Device No. 006271
Advertising No. 109080065

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  • The HT100 blood glucose test piece uses GDH (glucose dehydrogenase) enzyme. Because of its high measurement accuracy, it gradually replaces GOD (glucose oxidase) enzyme for blood glucose measurement.
  • The blood cell volume ratio (HCT) of HT100 is: 0 ~ 70%
  • Blood glucose test time: 5 seconds
  • Use blood sample volume: ≧ 0.7µL
  • HT100 special blood glucose test piece, free of code setting and no need to use chip, easy to buy without fear of mistakes, and will not cause measurement value errors.
  • Unique eject button to avoid contact with infection.
  • HT100 is an in vitro test that quantitatively measures the blood glucose levels of fresh capillary whole blood and venous whole blood in fingertips, palms or forearms. It can be used by the general public (single) and medical professionals, and can be used to monitor diabetes.
  • Memory capacity: 500 groups (including date/time display)
  • Test average: 7, 14, 30 days (fasting, before meal, after meal)
  • The icon mark setting before and after the meal, the memory value shows the meal status during the measurement more clearly, including: pre-meal test, post-meal test and fasting test (no display).
  • With computer transmission function, using Tyson Bio PC Link software, and optional USB cable, the test results can be sent to the computer.
  • With battery power warning function
  • The blood glucose meter will automatically shut down after 2 minutes of inactivity, or after the blood glucose test strip is withdrawn, the device will automatically shut down.
  • Bleeding prompt, maintain for 2 minutes.
  • Value is too high or too low warning: blood sugar level warning notification (low blood sugar LO warning, 40~90mg/dL; high blood sugar HI warning, 100~400 mg/dL), individual appropriate warning value should consult a medical professional.
  • Alarm setting reminder: 4 groups, reminding the time of the day to measure blood sugar.

Bluetooth transmission function

The model of this device with Bluetooth transmission function is HT100-B. It can pair with the smartphone that has downloaded and installed the rossmax healthstyle APP to transmit measurement data through Bluetooth. The measurement results can be viewed and recorded through the APP for the purpose of self-health management. Bluetooth transmission operation procedure:

  1. Install APP on personal smart device (mobile phone, etc.)
  2. Pair and bind equipment HT100B
  3. Start connection
  4. Automatic transmission of test data after measurement
How to use

Plug in blood glucose test strips

Fingertip blood sampling

Measuring time 5 seconds

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