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About us

Wine-Font International Commerce Corp., established in 1978, mainly acts as a distributor of high-tech medical diagnosis products from advanced countries’ in Europe, United States of America, and Japan etc. for more than three decades, the enterprise experienced political reforming, society transforming, economical prosperity and decline. Under the General Manager Mr. Shing-Hong Lee’s leadership, the company has been growing steadily. It not only builds the firm foundation for the enterprise, but also molds the persistent enterprise spirit of firm. It attained the consistent faith and high praise in the medical supply field.

From 1990, our company unceasingly probes for the executive strategies and actions of preventive medicine in European countries and United States of America. We also analyze the trend of top-ten causes of death for the past decade in our country. In 1996, our company introduced POC special-purpose instruments, used in examining the diabetes and the cardiovascular disease from Germany. We suggested the Ministry of Health and district disease-prevention health care units to set up a screening program of cardiovascular disease. For more than ten years, the promotion result is quite well. Every health-care staff carries one screening instrument at hand in each county, town and city. The potential patients with cardiovascular risk factors can be discovered earlier and received proper treatment. Risk rate of the cardiovascular disease had been lowered down. In recent years, we even implant into communities and schools to execute the health-care program for all people.

It requires all people to face together and pay attention to the elder people care issue caused from the aging society. The community-based medical health care, is the development direction of global medical health care. Based on health demand as the center to build an integrated, closeness health care articles’ network is the mission of professional medical colleagues. In 2005, considering the consumers’ insufficient knowledge of medical health care, we firmly invested the manpower and the physical resource to establish HARUKI website which consists of our professional service experience in the medical field. With medical specialist mutually beneficial alliance, we obtain more and better markets resources. Through new technical products with excellent quality, reasonable price, our profession and service enthusiasm, we and medical specialists bring up the reliable health care vision together.

The epidemic and infectious disease are the heaviest burden in medical resources. In order to suppress the scatter of the AIDS, the government introduced the, “AIDS harm reduction plan”, which has brought good implementation result in Australia, and coordinated with regional epidemic prevention unit to set up an experiment. In the same year, in order to assist the central government to implement the policy, our company coordinated with the foreign company to integrate resources of cross field, and dispatched colleagues to study overseas. The colleague provided what he had learned to regional executive units for referral. Simultaneously, we established “Safety Control Nursing Department” and introduced each hygienic guard and protection articles to avoid gap of our domestic epidemic prevention. We also awarded consistent high praise from central and regional health controlling organization.

In 1997, our company recognized that a clean environment is the root of the health. Therefore, we had combined with academic community to invest the researches of environmental protection and development of innovation technology. Yes-Sun Environmental Biotech Co., Ltd. was established accordingly. After many years’ efforts had been made, we finally developed “composting-free technology”, which overthrows the traditional compost. Through “composting-free technology”, the organic waste can be converted into organic fertilizer or animal feed additives within three to eight hours. The technology acquired many nations’ invention patent worldwide. In 2007, the technology was introduced to the international market and let Taiwan’s environmental protection technology received attention and praise internationally.

Our company persists the spirit of “Technology, innovation and quality.” The most essential element for everlasting management of enterprises shall be science creates technology, innovation leads quality and quality brings market. Our company’s core value is “persistently completing the simple matter.” Even if under the rapid changing of technology, “crawling, walking and running” is always our operating principle. No matter how the surroundings is changing, there is always constant invariable basic value and the general rule in the world. Through the health promotion and the environmental protection, the enterprise, hopefully with our persistence and effort, can bring people a healthier, more joyful and higher quality of living environment.

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