Smart Mini UV-LED Air Purifier
Smart Mini UV-LED Air Purifier

Smart Mini UV-LED Air Purifier

● Integrated composite filter
● Three-layer filter structure
● Replaceable filter element
● Exclusive wide-wave UV-LED
● UV sterilization and deodorization
● Rechargeable lithium battery
● Can be placed in the refrigerator
● Keep foods fresh
● Weight: 242g
● Size: 70*70*120mm
● Accessories: charging cable, manual

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Smart Mini: Exclusive UV LED + HEPA filter sterilization, effectively prolong food preservation time. Aiming at the 6 common pathogenic cold bacteria in refrigerators, the average sterilization rate is 99.97%.

How to deal with these problems with the refrigerator?

  • Clean once a week:  Have to cut off the power and take out all the ingredients in the refrigerator, which wastes effort and time and makes it difficult to persist.
  • Throw away if you can’t finish it: The cost of food is gradually increasing, throw away cooked foods which is not in line with living habits and is not conducive to environmental protection.
  • Repurchase a new refrigerator: Many refrigerator sellers tell consumers that they have sterilization technology, but the sterilization rate is actually less than 30%.
  • Buy a large amount of bamboo charcoal: The average price of a pack of bamboo charcoal is 40~70 dollar, and it is only effective for 4~7 days. Bamboo charcoal can only be adsorbed passively and has no bactericidal effect.


What kind of bacteria are in the small refrigerator?

Do you often throw vegetables bought in the supermarket directly into the refrigerator? Indeed, the low temperature of the refrigerator can make some bacteria in the food dormant. But be careful, there are some psychotropic bacteria, and the low temperature will only make them more and more presumptuous. Cold food such as cold skin, chicken feet, and salad may be their hiding place. If these foods are taken out of the refrigerator and eaten directly, it may cause some elderly and children with poor resistance and weak gastrointestinal function to vomit and diarrhea.

SMART MINI refrigerator sterilization

The average sterilization rate for aiming the 6 common pathogenic cold bacteria in refrigerators is 99.97%.

Air sterilization

Some bacteria in the refrigerator will float in the air and contaminate the food.  SMART MINI’s exclusive air sterilization, intermittent oxidation dissolves bacterial cell walls, kills bacteria scientifically and efficiently.

Deep sterilization

The germs inside the refrigerator, partitions and slits are difficult to kill. SMART MINI can effectively kill such germs and inhibit their reproduction.

Extend freshness

The sterile environment created by SMART MINI can effectively extend the eating cycle of food. UVLED effectively increases the activity of fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh for a long time.

Sterilization rate is as high as 99.3%

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