Beurer Thermal Underblanket TP 60
Beurer Thermal Underblanket TP 60

Beurer Thermal Underblanket TP 60

Looks good and keeps you warm – the underblanket with printed motif and 4 temperature settings provides top comfort for cosy warmth.

☑ Silver ion treatment, antibacterial and odor suppression
☑ Automatic power off when overheating is safe and carefree
☑ 4-stage temperature control, automatic cooling
☑ Shut down for 12 hours and sleep peacefully all night
☑ Suitable for single person (150cm * 80cm)
☑ Machine washable in water, easy maintenance (removable thermostat)
☑ Eco-friendly textiles, natural and healthy sleep
☑ 3-year warranty

Ministry of Health Medical Device Input No. 003638




Beurer Thermal Underblanket TP 60

The latest antibacterial and deodorizing PURE silver ion antibacterial thermal underblanket TP 60, which introduces the innovative technology of the textile industry-PURE, polymerizes silver ions on the upper textile fabric through special processing, and is tested by the German authoritative testing organization Hohenstein Research Laboratory It is proved that it has an antibacterial effect of up to 99.9% and can reduce the odor caused by the propagation of bacteria and microorganisms. The product is safe, non-toxic, and non-irritating to the skin.
Equipped with German buerer BSS triple electric heating safety protection system to ensure the best use safety. And provide three-stage temperature control, allowing you to enjoy an excellent sleeping temperature. The detachable power cord is more convenient for hand washing and cleaning.
In addition, the textile fabric used by TP 60 has been certified by the Öeko-Tex Standard 100 environmentally friendly textile label, which is currently recognized as an environmentally friendly textile standard in the global textile industry.
PURE silver ion antibacterial mattress type electric blanket TP 60 has PURE antibacterial and deodorant effect, BSS safety protection system and Öeko-Tex Standard 100 environmental protection textile label, so that you can not only warm up and sleep throughout the winter, but also keep the comfort of the duvet mattress. Dry and fresh. Warmth, health, safety and environmental protection, you can have it all at once!


Safety  Triple Electric Safety Protection System (BSS), designed to prevent overheating
Electronic temperature control 4 temperature settings
Automatic cooling function Automatic switch-back after 3 hours from level 4/3 to level 2
Cleaning method Detachable power cord, hand wash or machine wash (water temperature 30 degrees)
Material Cotton on the front + PURE silver ion processing / Fleece rayon on the back
Environmental certification Obtained the certification of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Environmental Textile Label
Automatic shut-down 12 hours
Power 60 watts
Dimensions (cm) Single size 150 x 80
Other Product life 5000 hours
保固期 Three years





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