Haruki Far Infrared Easy Pad (S)

Commodity description:
■Product description and usage
1. Haruki Far Infrared  is comfortable, convenient and safe; use soft Neoprene diving cloth with soft Nano-ceramic coating.
2. This product is manufactured by GMP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 certified factories.
3. Has passed the CE electrical safety and electromagnetic wave test, will not cause leakage, and is very safe to use.
4. This series of products are durable, can be bent, and the surface can be washed and wiped.

■Suitable for shoulder, back, waist, buttocks, etc.
■Temperature power-off protection (automatic power-off when the temperature is higher than 60°C).

■ Product types and specifications
Convenience pad L: width 250 * length 600 * thickness 15mm

■ Product contents
-Heat therapy tablets*1
-Power cord*1
-One year warranty

Temperature: 35~55°C five-stage adjustment
Power input: AC 100~240V
Power output: DC 24V/60W Max
Department of Health Medical Device No. 004411