Health Care

Health Care
    • Cleansing Alcohol 75% 99ml Portable Alcohol Spray Bottle

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    • AirGill Silicone Mask Strap

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    • Airgill Ear Protector

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    • Airgill Mask NosePad

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    • AIRGILL Reusable Fabric Face Masks

      Reduces bacteria, viruses and fungal spores by 99.9% – within 2 hours. Polygiene’s ViralOff® Textile Treatment Technology reduces bacteria and viruses by 99% within a two-hour timespan. The masks are also treated with Odour Crunch® technology, which eliminates any bad smells and odours – making it economical and eco-friendly as you can wear more and wash less, saving you time,…

    • Castella Cake Powder

      The most intimate baking product video teaching. Easy DIY + 60 minutes to bake, experience the fun of baking. Comes with a special oven and baking paper, making baking more convenient. Just prepare eggs, fresh milk and salad oil. Ancient flavor cake flour, let novices bake zero mistakes. Add exclusive meringue powder. Each flavor ingredient is independently subcontracted. Zero added…

    • SkinCare Bear

      White-dull eyes Blue-fine lines around the mouth Green-fine lines around the eyes

    • Sharp Container for Pen Needles

      ● Designed for removing pen needles ● Prevent from touch needle ● Medical grade plastic ● Patented structure ● Comptiable with all insulin pen ● SC: Transprant for ● RSC: Converient for carry out ● SC-0.9: Professional use

    • Reusable Sharp Container for Pen Needles- RSC

      ● Designed for removing the needle of insulin injection pen ● Avoid the danger of needle sticks ● Made of medical grade anti-puncture material ● Patented safety needle removal mechanism ● Suitable for injection pen needles of all brands on the market ● SC type: translucent, visually capable of loading capacity ● RSC type: easy to carry and use when…

    • Automatic Liquid Dispenser

      (繁體中文) ABS高剛性外殼 防水電池護蓋 500mL容量 可開啟/關閉感應 可調整出液量1~5mL 高品質鍍鉻飾條 可壁掛或放置桌面 紅外線感應器 可放入酒精或乾洗手

    • Smart Mini UV-LED Air Purifier

      ● Integrated composite filter ● Three-layer filter structure ● Replaceable filter element ● Exclusive wide-wave UV-LED ● UV sterilization and deodorization ● Rechargeable lithium battery ● Can be placed in the refrigerator ● Keep foods fresh ● Weight: 242g ● Size: 70*70*120mm ● Accessories: charging cable, manual

    • Haruki Far Infrared Easy Pad (L)

      Commodity description: ■Product description and usage 1. Haruki Far Infrared  is comfortable, convenient and safe; use soft Neoprene diving cloth with soft Nano-ceramic coating. 2. This product is manufactured by GMP, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 certified factories. 3. Has passed the CE electrical safety and electromagnetic wave test, will not cause leakage, and is very safe to use. 4. This series…

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