• Composting-free enzyme formula

      Composting-free formula = Composting-free reactive enzyme + Essential organic nutrients Composting-free formula includes not only reactive enzyme but also organic nutrients, provides the insufficient nutrients in the original wastes. The composting free technology successfully fulfills all the above-mentioned criteria and produces quality by-products within 3 to 24 hrs, while saving costly labor, reducing wastewater and odor generation.

    • Standard model SUN-1500L

      The largest one and is capable of handling multiple tasks. It is suitable for a large scale of organic waste treatment from public and private agencies and industries. This system is available in two forms viz. fixed type and mobile type according to the requirement.

    • Economical-type Equipment

      ● Processing Capacity:5,000L/batch, 20,000L/day ● Processing Time:90 minutes reaction time (Drying at least 8 hours) ● Application: Units that regularly produce large amounts of agricultural or business organic waste, such as food factories, paper factories, wineries, sewage plants… etc. ● Features: Industrial computer operating interface, mobile phone remote control, heat source can choose steam, electric heating, boiler ● Customized design…

    • Commercial-type Equipment

      ● Processing Capacity: 800L/batch 3000L/day ● Electricity: Optional electricity or connection to factory steam, Three-phase 220V/380V 30KW (including heating) ● Size”: W300cm *D200cm *H250cm ● Processing Time: 90 minutes reaction time (drying 6~12 hours) ● Application: Colleges, institutions, army canteen, amusement park ● Features: Can be customized with disintegrator/conveyor/granulator, industrial computer operating interface, mobile phone remote control

    • DIY Organic Fertilizer Machine

      ● Processing Capacity: 120-150L/batch ● Electricity: Three phrase 220V/380V 800W; Gas 1.2kg/hr ● Size”: W85cm*D140cm*H150cm ● Processing Time: 90 minutes reaction time (Drying 4~6 hours) ● Application: Recreational farms, small scale poultry and livestock breeding, wild camps, parks, school ● Features: Moveable, automatic monitoring process, mobile phone remote control, can be matched with hydraulic barrel clamping machine, saving manpower

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