• Roche Accutrend® Plus

      Screening for cardiovascular risk factors Test items: Cholesterol, Glucose Triglcerides,Lactate ● Simple, fast and easy to carry ● Convenient determination of cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose and lactate using capillary blood ● Test strips can be stored at room ­temperature ● The type of specimen can be whole blood Four-purpose blood glucose meter x1 blood glucose test strips (25 tubes/box) x1 cholesterol…

    • Roche u1100 Urine Analyzer

      ● Designed to improve workflow efficiency in smaller labs, doctor offices and decentralized lab settings like point-of-care. ● 10 kinds of biochemical items can be detected. ● Quickly and quietly – providing efficiency and convenience, automatic printing of inspection data. ● You can choose a barcode reader or press the key to enter the medical record number. Steps Department of…

    • Roche Reflotron® Plus

      Suitable for primary care ­settings, as a back-up system in hospitals and private labs, at screening sites and for health check-ups. Easy to operate: The test paper is easy to save Allows the measurement of 16 parameters from whole blood, plasma or serum The instrument is small in size and free of calibration The instrument automatically reads the magnetic stripe…

    • beurer Upper arm blood pressure monitor BM45

      ● Large LCD screen ● The operation is simple and easy to use ● “Irregular heartbeat” detection function and WHO indicators ● Large screen with white backlight ● Average morning and evening measurement values in the last 7 days ● Automatically shut down after 3 minutes Health Department One Device Input No. 020907 Product category: Preventive health care series other…

    • Terumo Upper arm blood pressure monitor ES-W110ZJ

      Dimensions: ● Body: Approximately 68.5mm in length × 145mm in width × 95mm in height ● Cuff: about 504mm long x 152mm wide (except the tube) ● Measureable arm circumference: about 22~32cm ● Mass: body: about 260g (not including dry batteries) / cuff: about 124g ● Pressure display range: 5~~~299mmHg (cuff pressure) Scale: 1mmHg ● Measuring range: Pulse: 40~~~160 times/min…

    • beurer Body temperature FT90

      ● Non-contact infrared forehead thermometer ● Especially suitable for infants and children ● The measurement result will be displayed with a symbol ● It can be used to measure indoor temperature, surface temperature of objects or liquids ● 60 groups of memory space (including date and time) Department of Health Medical Device Input No. 024467 Product category: Preventive health care…

    • Roche cobas® b101

      One-stop solution for HbA1c, lipids, and CRP testing in the Primary Care Setting ● The test result can be immediately known. ● Direct blood application from a single finger stick with small volume. ● The quick operation process can obtain a single report of HbA1C and blood lipids and obtain two reports at the same time. ● Comply with IFCC,…

    • HemoCue® 201

      Simple and reliable early detection Fast, portable and easy to use, the HemoCueR 201 albumin detection system is the best choice for diabetes care and hypertension treatment. It can also be used to diagnose pregnancy toxemia during pregnancy. Providing lab accuracy and ease of use, the HemoCue 201+ System has become a standard in hemoglobin point-of-care testing. Healthcare providers around…

    • GeneFinder COVID-19 AG Plus Rapid Test

      Suitable and simple detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigen User friendly Cassette Type & Color Easy to use Room temperature storage Fast result within 15 min Point-Of-Care Diagnostic Test Sensitivity: 96.7% (95% CI: 83.3% – 99.4%) Specificity: 99.0% (95% CI: 94.6% – 99.8%)

    • Roche SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Self Test Nasal

      Designed as a self‑test for patients Included in each pack (5 packs per box) Testing is possible everywhere Easy handling procedure Testing the quick and easy way Point-Of-Care Diagnostic Test Sensitivity: 91.1% (Ct value ≤ 30) Specificity: 99.6%

    • Roche SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Self Test

      Designed for professional use Included 25 test kit per box Reliable, rapid chromatographic immunoassay Getting a quick result within 15-30 minutes Easy handling which does not require specific training No instrument required Sensitivity: 95.5% (Ct value ≤ 30) Specificity: 99.2%

    • Radiometer ABL9 Blood Gas Analyzer

      Designed for critical care environments running only a few tests per day Easy blood gas testing at the point of care Parameters: pH, pCO2, pO2, cK+, cNa+, cCa2+, cCl–, cLac, Hct Specimen volume: 70 μL Touch panel user interface Barcode scanner available Thermal printer Weight: 6.7kg

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